EXIMIA Platinum HR 77 is unique Italian system. It uses patented international technology of ‘laserporation’ and ‘radio frequency lifting’.
EXIMIA HR77 allows making skin surface smooth, firm and tight. It is effective for treatment of cellulites and body shape correction. The device allows comprehensive modelling of a body and aids liquidation of local fat deposits. It is designed for skin tonification and weight loss, non-invasive liposuction and creation of body contours without a scalpel. No other machine until now is combined in such an incredible way to provide outstanding and natural results. This machine yields noticeable results immediately after the first session. Moreover, Eximia Treatment provides comfortable treatment without severe pain to enhance skin tone, elasticity, and smoothness.

How does the EXIMIA Platinum HR 77 work?

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Expérience Supreme Complex is a facial treatment that relaxes you and solves several problems at once. This is an innovative exfoliating care in the form of pellets that melt in your fingers and turn into granulation scrub. It contains polysaccharides and alga. Wrinkles are well handled, removing dead skin cells and stimulate cell regeneration. The skin is deeply cleaned and ready for application of the active substance. After applying the serum, the therapist is focused on massage on balm, that containins marine coastal plants, rich in minerals (copper, magnesium, potassium), it promotes good cell regeneration and increases the vital functions of the skin, green algae, rich in iron and vitamin C, strengthen the protection of the skin and play a role in melanogenesis to limit the appearance of age spots. At the end of the mask is applied, containing:

  • Hyaluronic acid with a low molecular weight which will make up the required moisture of the skin,
  • Brown algae, rich in trace elements to help protect the skin against cellular aging,
  • Sea buckthorn oil, rich in omega 7, essential acids and vitamin E has a nourishing and anti-oxidant properties.


Duration- 75 min

Price 1200 MDL