Nobil Spa welcomes you

to a timeless experience as you step into the world of relaxation and rejuvenation.
Join us on a Spa journey that is seamlessly breathtaking, enchanting and invigorating. Allow us to pamper your body, mind and soul in this ultimate beauty sanctuary with our various splendour treatments & therapies.
Indulge the essence of well being and achieve the complete body and mind equilibrium…
In Nobil Spa you can relax in a genuine Turkish hammam, feel the true benefit of a peeling, enjoy the large variety of treatments both for body and face or de-stress yourself with an oriental massage, done by the professional therapists from Bali. SPA LOGO

Nobil SPA

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Is not only a pleasant treatment, but is very useful. Benefits of massage is truly multi-faceted and complex. Massage has a positive effect on the skin, subcutaneous layer, muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons, as well as the circulatory, lymphatic, nervous and respiratory systems. That is why after the massage people feel as if born anew.

Nobil SPA Treatments

Body Treatments

Body Treatments

The best results in the complex rejuvenation of the body are achieved by the simultaneous action of spa treatments for the face and body.

Nobil SPA


Facial Treatments

Face care perfectly in line with your skin's needs
Beautiful skin is healthy skin. It reflects your expressions: it is subject to external aggressors and must be pampered! Just like the body, the skin lives in step with the seasons. To help it to go through the year looking beautiful, remember to adapt your skincare and your beauty routines.

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